Three Cute Cherries

Friday, December 17, 2010


CUTIE MUTIE ~FaatiNNasreeN~ at 12/17/2010 07:44:00 AM
there have been a 1000 times that i said i wanna change...but still not strong enough to do that because of you...but now i got the strength to CHANGE by leaving you, giving u some space to find someone else...just let go n go free...n i will change n try to find my life back...try to find the 'old' faatin back...i think i will be happy that is not strong enough to make us stronger because u cannot guide me to the right path...i'm not become better instead it's become worser. so i hope i got a concrete heart to leave you with silence. go away...go away...find the WOMAN u want...n clearly i'm not...u're to old to me...old...old...byebye~

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