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~perasan cumel jap~

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About You.::[luv GREEN a LOTS!!}::.

.::[i loikes teDDy bear a LOTS]::.

.::[eRm...actUaLlY...eLwaYzz..dReaminG..aBoUt me the..MoNEY..MonEY..huhuh]::..::[eRm..|nteResT on |ce cReaM..]::..::[ch0caLate..]::..::[sc00teR..::comelku::]::..::[erM..anY th|ng elSe..??..]::..::[xGaMeS???.....of course..BmX..SkAtEb0ArD....]::..::[+i'm a LiTTLe cLumsY...HUH...]::..::[hAvE sCaR 0n mY's l00ks L|kE A p|rATE..huhuhuh..d0n't u dare touching me...hehhee]::..::[mY sk|n DaRk]::..::[L0vE mAsH|maR0 A LOT!!!]::..::[I Th|nk i'm CUTE,FUN,TALKATIVE n a little stupid to B WITH!hehehhehe...puji2 gak..kene rendah diri gak..]::..::[d MOST SPECIAL thing 'bout was mY SMILe bcOZ EvEn mY Old frIEnd dIdn't knOw It wAs mE, thEy stIll cAn IdEntIfIEd mE from mY smIle..hihihih..]::.

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Relationship StatusEngaged to Da Bittoos


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