Three Cute Cherries

Sunday, November 7, 2010


CUTIE MUTIE ~FaatiNNasreeN~ at 11/07/2010 06:46:00 PM
i had no time even for myself

why cant u understand?

why cant u support the hardness that i had to face?

why r u not the person who can help me?

why r u the person who make me suffer when i'd already suffered?

may peace come in me...

i'll accept what you want...i'll try my hard to be what u want...

but it's not me..

it's not me that u wanted to be with..

so, i'll accept what ever decision...

i just need to go on with my life...with my real life...

1 .::cuTe responds from cute friend::.:

Bulan Dipagari Bintang said...

enjoy ur life dear...dun think too much of ur problems, think on wut makes u happy even it's so little.



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