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Monday, September 14, 2009


CUTIE MUTIE ~FaatiNNasreeN~ at 9/14/2009 02:59:00 PM

juz wANT A NEW idea for this clothes n shoes..

juz for one moment i felt that im in a so DAMN lonely which made me wanted to change all about myself into something new..

it hurts when u r in a relationship but in reality u r juz a loneliner in every angles of situation in your life..can u feel that?blurr n just doesnt know what it feels waiting without any answers.they juz know to made us happy when they felt they wants to..n the rest of their life juz spending with their stupid hobbies which are wasting their own money without giving back anything good in their life...

yesterday i juz finished watching the 'cinta sempurna's drama..the ending was not like what i'd many cuts from the scene that made the ending not at 5 star standars...not as good as the start of the story..whatever..i juz want to take a sentence from that story which sounds like this:

"jika kita bercinta dgn tumbuhan ia akan layu,jika kita bercinta dgn manusia ia akan mati, tp jika kita cinta akan Allah s.w.t cinta itu akan kekal selama2-lamanya.."

so..i juz dont want to waste my time n my tears again for a blurry workaholic man who doesnt know how to appreciate a girl who they hardly chasing of from the beginning n when they already got us u juz treat us like we are juz 1 part of ur life.thank you for that!

so..from now on i juz need a space for about starting with part time job to increase my that i can shop..n shopping till i didt even think about a guy who doesnt know about life n feeling at all..right???!

n every smile is the beginning of my life!

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