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Thursday, August 6, 2009


CUTIE MUTIE ~FaatiNNasreeN~ at 8/06/2009 02:51:00 PM
haPPy time last nite!!


i went out with my girlfriends!!!the only resources that can made me haPPy with my life besides my ketumbit...

by the way..its always haPPen with last minute plan...watching movie..of course on wednesday coz the ticket is only rm6..where??the summit la usually{i'm always sacrifying myself went to subang to meet them bcoz they all work in s.alam n PJ area...why summit??bcoz it was one of GSC cinema who promoted rm6 ticket for wednesday..wonder why??hurm..happy wednesday??

so..we lepaking2 n paid rm6 ticket for PELHAM 123..hurm..quite interesting movie...its about train hi-jack..but its not about the money they want from the mayor, its just the leader wants his investment increase 3 times because of the hi-jack plan...quite interesting but the police is so stupid...

n then we just go straight eating+berqaseh syg at murni, ss2 KJ fo rcelebrating belated bday for chenab n ayung..i asked aya to bought a cake..n the cake was marvellous!TQ so much AYA...still terliur dn termimpi2 kek tu..hidup baker's cottage! the thing is mknan kt murni is not good compared to william..i just ordered their lamb chop..damn!!buat gusi aqu bengkak jer..seb baik xsemahal william..grr...later i will upload the pictures,k... the other hand..of coursela once a month jer our unexpected reunion ni..even everyone xdela jauh sgt..dok lam satu state jer pown..we had our gossips thing.!!hehehe..last nite not even US but haa's friends are also joining us for the xbest supper..about,,1 o'clock in the morning i think..crazy kn..dhla esok kije..n i still had my fever n flu..but it's all gone bcoz it is so exciting hanging out with my GFs...

the gossips>>of course of my friend just worried about her relationship~i just dont want to tell more bcoz i already promised to her not to tell anybody except between US that been there last nite..

n then about 2'oclock in the morning we hugged n go back straight home...abang hugged me so tigh till i cannot breath..eheheh..on the way back, aya n ayung just discussing about my friend's relationship problems..n we just afraid that she made a wrong we just pray the BEST for her.

bcoz of the discussion..ayung gave a some info about love n relationship..she said that the sense of sweetness in a relationship can stand only for 2years.IT WAS THE FACT...even though between husband n wife.. it can stand longer because marriage couple had the other factors that made them happy together..such living together..gether..huhuhuh..

i admitla my relationship with my bf almost 4 years,k..everyday we're having a big conflicts..always fighting for a small matter.. boring..but i also pray for my relationship..even though it was not so SWEET like b4..but it was life..its just what human means..even though i try to find someone new to feel the sweetness...the new boy still hurt me after we have a long time relationship..right???man=boy..same..they just never caring n i'm haPPy always!..this life is not about LOVE je..kan..kan......? readers...cumel2 la slalu...dont give that damn problems conquer ur lifela!!life in PEACE~~~shuh~shuh~ the DEMONS!!

cya!!xoxo lol~

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